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B. C. Elite Sports Scouting

B.C. Elite Sports

        B.C. Elite Sports Scouting’s primary goals are to assist teams, coaches and agents with finding the best and most qualified athletes to work with. We are not the typical scouting agency that takes money from players to introduce them to people who will have no interest in them. We will be doing the legwork providing detailed info on an athlete's game play and abilities. We also provide limited training to athletes with eligibility. 

         We will be posting articles about football related news, whether it be NFL, or CFL. We will have something to say about it. We greatly appreciate that our writers will be making analytical comments about situations and not just shock statements for attention as some other media outlets do.

         Within the next year we will be expanding to other sports and introducing a weekly podcast for the football season. So please take time to enjoy some of our media outlets and enjoy the great experience that we here at B.C. Elite Sports will be delivering.

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